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Radiation Risks or Laser Hair Removal Link with Cancer, Birth Defects or Infertility ?

Many people ask that "does laser hair removal cause cancer or not?" they search here and there that dose laser hair surgery is a cause of cancer or not?In this article we discuss about these topics:-

1. Is there radiation in IPL or  laser hair removal ?

2. Does intense pulsed light or laser hair removal causes cancer ?
3. Laser hair removal link with cancer.
4. Risks of laser depilation.
5. Does laser hair removal cause birth defects
6. Does laser hair removal cause infertility.
Laser parlour experts give answers of these common questions
1. Is there radiation in laser hair removal ?
There are 2 types of radiation
1. Ionizing radiation:- like X ray, Ultra violet radiation etc.
2. Non-Ionizing radiation:- like laser, RF and IPL beam.
So your laser hair removal device is a non ionizing radiation base device. Laser beams are infra-red beams.
2. Does laser hair removal causes cancer ?
Only ionizing radiation like x ray interfere with cell mutation and may be causes cancer.
but laser beam use in lasik laser hair removal is a non-ionizing radiation which will not interfere with cell mutation so in my view laser hair removal is not a cause of cancer.
3. Laser hair removal link with cancer.
Skin cancer is normally caused by UVA and UVB exposure. So laser beam only produce heat to remove hair and does not cause cancer.
But some of experts say when laser beam touch dust particles in air it will be change them as "Laser polluted dust particle" which is Environmental cause of cancer. 
So there are still concern on laser hair removal safety on cancer.
It is a good idea to watch Dr. Malcolm Willis on this youtube video. Where the dr. clearly say " The ultra violate light cause cancer but laser light is infra-red light which not cause cancer
watch now:-

4. Risks of laser depilation or does laser hair removal hurt?.  

So overall, non ionizing radiation does not cause skin cancer but hair depilation  with laser cause other side effect's like skin rash, etc so we can not say that it is completely safe. here are some risks of laser hair depilations:-
1. Swelling.
2. Pigmentation.
3. Discoloration.
4. Skin rash.
5. Red bumps.
6. Blisters.
7. Scarring.
So laser hair removal may hurt your skin.
5. Does laser hair removal cause birth defects? :- 

There are no studies that evaluate the safety of laser hair removal on foetus or foetus during pregnancy. 
So It is not clearly say that laser hair removal cause birth defects or not many doctors recommend avoiding laser hair removal during pregnancy. there are no much information about the effect of laser hair removal on the foetus.
6.Does laser hair removal cause infertility?:-
Laser hair removal is a non ionizing radiation so they not inter-fair with ovulation process so laser and IPL radiation not cause infertility in men and women.
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Laser technology based laser hair removal machines .

Respected Readers, 
Permanent Hair Removal machines are 3 types
1. Laser Machines:- Use read laser beam but have more side effects lick red bumps etc.
2. IPL Machines:- Have less side effects but use intense light instead of laser beam.
3. RF Machines:- Use radio frequency for hair removal

So every laser hair removal machine is not based on laser you find most of internet articles never tell you difference between laser / IPL/HPL and RF hair removal systems. 
They categorized all these laser and IPL plus RF hair removal machines in a single category name “laser hair removal” but before you buying any costly laser hair removal product first try to understand difference between laser and IPL hair removal systems. 
See more detail on this link 
Difference in laser and IPL
So now you may understand that a true laser hair removal machine like Tria 4X new generation model of 2015 use only laser beams (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) to destroy the hair shaft than this type of machine is called laser hair removal system. 
See this youtube video for experience of Brazilian & Underarm Laser Hair Removal
You may compare all top laser/IPL/HPL/RF hair removal machines at this link:-
Top 10 model of 2015 best laser IPL RF hair removal systems for home use.
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Five Benefits and drawback of choosing home laser hair removal instead of laser hair removal clinic.

Preparing for Christmas party
Christmas 2015 is near and women’s are busy for a hair free look in Christmas 2015 or new year  parties of 2016. 
Today at home laser hair removal is very popular instead of many sittings in a clinic. 
In a survey of this website woman’s, give priority to buy home laser hair removal devices instead of long sittings in laser hair removal beauty clinics.
According to our survey, these are the top 5 reasons that why a woman wants a blast at home laser hair removal system in their Christmas  gift.
1. Safety: - New HPL and IPL technology base devices are safer instead of old fashion huge diode machines using in clinics.
2.  Low quality china made equipments various branded machines: - Some clinic uses low quality china made diode or IPL equipments so women give priority to buy a branded laser hair removal system like Tria 4x, Remington, Silk’N’sn, etc.
3. More effective new generation systems: - Tria, Silk’N’sn , Me my Elos and Remington launch new generation laser hair removal systems for 2014 these new generation handy and portable systems are safer and more powerful in compared to old huge laser machines.
4. New VPL technology devices: - VPL means Variable Pulsed Light, VPL is a new patented technology Which is near about similar to IPL
Remember Laser, HPL, VPL and IPL all are separate technologies but all 4 work similar and use light beams to destroy hair follicles. 
5. Cost efficiency: - New generation laser hair removal systems are very cheap if we compare to many sittings cost in a laser clinics.
Drawbacks of home laser hair removal systems:-
1. Lack of professional care: - When you done laser hair removal at home then you feel lack of professional care because you are not a laser hair removal technician.
2.  Fear of skin damage: - Any newbie who uses a home base device feel fear of skin damage if the device does not operate properly.
Conclusion: - Home base laser hair removal systems are better and cost effective if all instructions read carefully and use them after proper frequency settings today many video demonstrations are available on YouTube which teach you proper use of home laser hair removal machines. Many manufacturers also give a Video DVD with his packages.
Best Laser Hair removal Machines for home use
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Top Hair Removal Methods for Upper Lip,Sensitive Skin, Legs, Underarm,Arms (for Men and Women).

Today I am telling you various hair removal methods. Each of these hair removal method is best for a particular skin type and particular needs. 
So read this article carefully it will be satisfying all of your queries about best hair removal methods. 
In this article home beauty parlour hair removal experts give you best hair removal methods for various parts of the body like legs, face, bikini line, underarm, eyebrow etc. 

Best Hair removal method for upper lip :-
1. Electrolysis: - If you are a young lady and want to remove your upper lip hair permanently then electrolysis is the first choice for you. 
 How it works:- Electrolysis cosmetic surgeon enters a tiny needle in the hair follicle to damage it. Electrolysis required 15-30 sessions and may cause tiny scars in some woman.
 Cost of electrolysis is $50-$100 per treatment. 
2. Laser Hair Removal:- I have a separate article about laser hair removal you can read it here
-Laser Hair Removal: Definition, Means and Mechanism
2. Tweezing or Threading: - These are best for eyebrow hair and temporary removal of upper lip hair. 
3. Epilating with post epilating lotion; -This is a wonderful hair removal option because Epilators stuck down hair root and after epilating apply a post epilating cream with hair growth inhibitors which slow down the hair growth so hair not grown back soon. 
What are hair growth inhibitors; - These are topical prescriptions like vaniqa or Eflora these topical prescriptions contain Eflornithine Hydrochloride which block the enzyme that stimulate hair growth
Read more details of hair growth inhibitors here
Hair Growth Inhibitors
Best hair removal method for brazilian:-
Depilatory hair removal cream: - These creams are best for pubic hairs like Veet hair removal cream. But depilatory creams is not suitable for sensitive skins, Top 4 best hair removal creams:-
1.Nad's Hair Removal Creme For Men
this Specifically formulated cream deliver superior results for the removal of strong, male body hair
Perfect for use on the chest, back, legs and arms
2.Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin:-
This is a best hair removal method for sensitive skin this cream comes with special skincare ingredient: Shea butter, which is known for its moisturising, anti ageing and healing properties for outstanding softness and skin conditioning
3.Nair Lemon Hair Removal Cream
4.Cosmo Silky Hair Remover Cream Aloevera.
Best hair removal method for men:-
1. Shaving: - Shaving is a best hair removal solution for men facial hair but shaving is not good for a woman because a woman needs shaving for leg and arms and pubic hairs. There are other best option like waxing is available for legs and arms and depilatory creams for pubic hairs. 
2. Laser Hair Removal:- Laser and IPL hair removal systems are also best for permanent hair removal in men for this purpose you may choose between Tria and Remington and if you have lite hairs then Tanda me is best for you. 
Best hair removal method for legs, underarms, arms:-
1. Waxing: -
Waxing is best for temporary hair removal from legs and arms. If you are looking  best waxing kit for home use then we recommended Gigi Brazilian best at home waxing Kit for this purpose.  
2. Laser and IPL hair removal: - In this procedure laser devices enter high power pulsed diode laser lights in the hair shaft which is absorbed by melanin in the hair shaft that cause damaging the follicular epithelium. Laser hair removal is used for permanent hair reduction without damaging the epidermis. These days many laser and IPL hair removal machines are available in market for this purpose. 
Next:-Five Benefits and drawback of choosing home laser hair removal instead of laser hair removal clinic.
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