Monday, December 15, 2014

No!No! PRO (nono hair removal system) review , Tria vs nono and Remington vs nono

1.No!No! PRO is a hair removal device which name mean no hair!no pain! 
2.No!no! PRO is neither a laser hair removal and nor an IPL device,It is a heat base hair removal system.
I get many emails from my readers where they ask comparison between Tria vs nono and Remington vs nono, So please remember that Tria is a laser beam base hair removal system and Remington is an IPL beam base system but no!no! PRO is based on Thermicon™ Technology which conducts a gentle pulse of heat to unwanted hair. It is safely and painlessly removed. 
3. So unlike Tria 4x lasers that only work on light skin and dark hair, no!no! hair removal system works for all skin colors, hair colors and skin types. That's great for asian skin tone. 
4. Tria is a  laser hair removal system  and Remington is a  IPL system both give you permanent hair reduction but nono is a thermal device which not offer permanent (life time ) hair reduction, When Nono thermal plus conducts heat to hair, Hair is instantly crystallized and removed providing silky smooth skin for weeks (not for life time) 
5. Does nono hair removal system work?:- Yes It is work and give you a hair free smooth skin for weeks.
6. Cost of no!no! PRO:-no!no! PRO is available near $250-$290 based on model and your country.
7. How many variations of nono hair removal are available in market?
nono have 5 models 
no!no! MICRO,
no!no! Hair,
no!no! For MEN,
no!no! PRO3 ,
no!no! PRO
8. Carejoy most national blu -ray thermal energy machine is an another best low cost thermal machine, read more details of this machine here:-
Carejoy most national blu -ray thermal energy machine review
Veet Vs Tria
Thermal base hair removal pros and cons
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Do At home Laser Hair Removal Systems Work ? Part 1

In Response of my earlier articles about best home laser hair removal kits most of my followers ask that does at home laser or IPL hair removal systems really work? 

In reply of this question I want to ask from these followers that "Why not? Why they think so? 
This question is as foolish as I ask you that " Does at home hair removal cream or at home hair removal wax work like a professional beautician used wax or cream? 
Tria laser hair removal machine 4x and Remington I light Pro machines are at home machines but they work like a professional laser hair removal system. 
I am already tell you a home method about permanent facial hair removal without laser or IPL ,if you ask me about this that " Does my at home method for permanent removal of facial hair without using laser or Ipl work? then I am not sure but no doubt that in current technology at home laser and IPL hair removal systems work like any professional machine.
Continue read in part 2:-Do At-Home Laser Hair Removal Systems Really Work? Part 2
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Best Way To Remove Facial Hair Permanently (Without Using Laser or IPL)

You already read basic natural tips for remove facial hair naturally.Today I tell you that how to permanently remove facial hair without using laser  and IPL systems
1. This is a use-full method for all women which have thick facial hairs like mustache and beard.
2. Facial hairs are mostly find in human males but some females are also develop facial hair especially after menopause.
3. In femals mostly facial hairs are found in upper lip.
4.  So What is best way to remove facial hair permanently? Laser or IPL hair removals are best for permanent hair reduction and they really work best (Read:- does at home laser hair removal system work?) but some of women not want to use these methods they want an alternate . 
Today I told you one method which may permanently remove facial hair at home.
5. This method told me by a stranger lady in train and she give me multiple scientific prove that this method is work. she told me that she have facial hair and she remove them naturally by this method.
6. I am also find this method so simple and very use-full so I publish this on this blog .
7. For using this method you need 3 thingns 1. Hydrogen Peroxide 2. Hair bleach 3. Hair Wax
8.First of all test your skin that you have no any allergy to above  3 products, because author of this blog is not a doctor and skin care specialist so no liability is accepted if this method will hurt you so try it in you own risk and after proper allergy test or under the care of your dermatologist. 
9. It is recommended that first use this method on a patch of your leg before try it direct to your  face.

10. Now we come in to main method:- Apply hydrogen peroxide on unwanted hairs for 10 minutes,It will weaken hair roots like laser hair removal and after 10 minute wash this hydrogen peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide chemical is available all leading chemists .
Now bleach these hairs (bleaching also weak hair roots),
And finally just after the bleaching wax these hairs.
When waxing plucking these hairs which roots are already weaken with hydrogen peroxide and bleach, then waxing will pluck hairs with roots.  
11. After this wax when next time your hair grow then 5-10% hairs not come back because they damage by roots. 
12. Repeat this method in every 15 days,
after using 5-7 cycle you may note that 50 %+ your hair not come back. 
13. Laser hair removal also want many sittings like this method .
14. Continue repeat this method after every 15 days, till you get maximum optimized results or no facial hair.
Please do not forget to share your experiences in comments if you use this method and remove your facial hair permanently without laser
This method is usefull for facial hair only
Do not forget to give +1 and share this free trick
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Which is the Best Home Hair Removal Wax?

It is true that there are plenty of options when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. There is the more traditional razor, which unfortunately leaves annoying stubble's almost all the time. 
Plucking can give good results but the pain is just intolerable. It can not be denied that waxing is really the most effective of all
To avoid wasting time and money, it is important to get good waxing products for clean and smooth results. So, what is a good wax for hair removal? 
 Going to the salon often can be very expensive. Good thing is that there are plenty of options in the market that women could choose from. 
Top 3 Wax brands 2014 for home use are
1. Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit
Gigi Brazilian waxing kit is a Complete hair removal system for the Brazilian waxing techniques.
Gigi kit features a wax warmer, Brazilian hard wax and other essential accessories
This Kit contains:- wax warmer with cover 
 Brazilian body hard wax 
10 small accu edge applicators, 
10 large accu edge applicators, 
10 petite applicators, 
1 pre epilation oil (2 ounce), 
1 post wax cooling gel (2 ounce)
1 DVD for instructions
Cost of Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit is  near $33 and good news this best hard wax is now availbele worldwide like India Pakisthan UK etc.
2. NAD's Nose Wax for Men & Women:-  cost near $17 only and  nose is also a popular professional wax for home use.
3. Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit :- Now we compare gigi, nose and extra strength wax cost of extra strength wax is near $45.
The most common type of wax comes in tin or microwaveable containers. 
It can either be placed on the stove or in the microwave for a few minutes for it to melt. Wax that needs heating is mainly made of paraffin and beeswax. 
Usually, this type of wax is best used only for legs or arms. When using this for waxing legs how long does it last? Hair growth may vary from one person to another but on an average, it should last for about two to three weeks. 
Hair growth may be visible within the second week after waxing but quick touch-ups could instantly resolve it. 
The best waxing kit for legs often contain enough for the initial waxing and a couple of touch-ups. Some underarm wax brands also come in similar tin or microwavable containers. 
That is why, it is important to read labels carefully. Underarm skin is far more sensitive than skin on the legs. 
It is easier to get those nasty and painful red rashes on underarms if the product is too harsh. 
It has to be remembered too that the wax used for underarms should have lower temperature to avoid skin irritation and burns For fixing hair problems on smaller areas like bikini line or eyebrows, it is important to have the best at home wax strips.
These strips are pre-coated so it is easier to avoid all the mess. It is also less tedious to use since there is no need to heat up a can of wax, apply it and then wait until it has hardened. 
All it takes is placing the strip directly to the targeted area and peeling it off after a few minutes. 
The strips are best for eyebrows, face and bikini line because the pre-coating sticks even to finer hair. 
Home Waxing Tips :-
Waxing products may vary but there are some home waxing tips that are always very useful. ( you may see more home beauty tip here
How to remove dark circle under eye
How to remove facial hair without laser
1.Before using any product, it is important to do a skin test first. Apply the product on a small section of the wrist and observe if it will result to allergies or skin irritation. 
2.Avoid unsightly burns too by testing out the wax on the tip of the fingers. 
3.When using melted wax, always apply it according to the hair growth but go the opposite direction when removing it. To get great results.
4. Make sure that the skin is also dirt-free. When there is dirt, it could lead to clogged pores and irritated skin.
Best laser hair removal systems

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Comparison between IPL, SPL and Laser Technics.

light base machine
Among the typical concerns and misunderstandings related with laser hair removing is definitely the variation between laser and IPL
A lot of people are not aware that there's a distinction, few comprehend how each performs and the risks related. 
IPL and Laser are both techniques applied to eliminate undesirable hair and each of these are applied to eliminate hair completely. Still there are actually some variations among them which may be described as follows:-
IPL was initially designed as flash lamps to cure other skin situations (just like skin restorative and thread vein therapy) and physicians and users noticed hair-loss being a outcome. Restorative lasers were particularly designed to provide premium hair decrease outcomes. 
SPL vs IPL vs Laser
SPL is a different lately launched hair elimination strategy and appears for Square Pulsed Light - it is really through the same family of equipment as IPL or Extreme Pulsed Light, but an SPL pulse continues a portion of a second more time. The light wave length is not as intense, indicating it does the similar work but your skin is lower the possibility that to become warm and effects will take more time. 
The greatest distinction among IPL and lasers is in the actual structure of the equipment. For example, laser light is consistent while IPL isn't. This indicates that in IPL the light waves can intervene with one another and possibly improve or reduce the energy of the wave. 
The laser light durability is often a similar. Laser light is usually desaturated and collimated while IPL isn't, which indicates the fact that wavelengths are of a similar frequency and go in the similar route.
 The variety of wavelengths produced by IPL & SPL indicates a lot of customers are needlessly revealed to unwanted and or/worthless rays in comparison with the individual wave length from laser hair removing. Because of their wavelengths, their efficiency too varies. Laser is restricted to hair elimination only while IPL not just eliminates facial hair or undesirable hair from any area of your entire body, additionally it treats pigments on face, chests and arms and sun burnt appearance. IPL also dissipate soreness available on the face or chest that is not feasible with laser. For that reason, IPL contains a wider variety of utilizes for the cosmetic market. IPL hair decrease, compared with laser hair elimination may lead to skin harm of losing and scarring damage otherwise managed by a expert who understands what they're performing. As IPL nor SPL aren't pinpoint appropriate, the edge for mistake is a lot higher. 
A lot of also see substandard outcomes and greater stages of restoration from IPL as in comparison to laser hair removing. 
IPL therapies are regarded to be faster than laser therapies due to the fact IPL 'heads' are approximately eight periods bigger than lasers and therefore include more place at the same time. IPL also leads to less harm to the adjoining skin than lasers.

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